FurnitureModular kitchen amenities you like to have

June 27, 2016by ids

Keep kitchen turmoil and mess to a minimum with these marvelous organizers and other time-saving, clutter-preventing features

Have you ever indulged in searching the cutting board or chopper which is misplaced by you or somebody in your family and wished you had storage for these tools?

9 out of 10 must have had this experience in their lifetime or some may be doing that if they don’t have these modern amenities in their modular kitchen!

But now the time has changed. We have built-ins and storage cabinets to give a perfect place for every tool and utensil in the kitchen. Thanks once again for the modular kitchens!!!

These modular kitchen storages and built-ins not only keep your kitchen well organized but they make your kitchen more functional.

Interior Designs Studio would like to share some time-saving amenities that can make the cooking, cleaning and organizing an effortless task.

Movable Butcher Block Island – Kitchen Island with integrated butcher block makes the cooking easy. A movable Island can be pulled when in use and pushed away when not.

A station for mixer – this modular mixer station helps keep the mixer out of the view and easy to access when in need. This station comes with a tambour-style door which lifts up, when the shelf pulls forward.

An under-counter garbage bin – otherwise known as under-counter composting unit can be helpful if arranged at where you do most of your preparations. You can just wipe down the wastage off the counters into this bin till it reaches the garden.

Foot pedal faucet control – what if your hands got dirt and you need to turn on the faucet? Here comes the foot pedal faucet controls which can turn on and off by pressing the pedals with your feet. Ask your plumber to fix one for your kitchen. These are available for both hot and cold water.

A place to keep Rolling pins – if you are an ardent baker then we are sure you want your rolling pins all at one place which can be accessed easily. The horizontal slots can be arranged at the end of the cabinet with a depth of 6 inches where you can keep the rolling pins handy.

A slot for food wrap – if you feel messy with the irritating plastic covers, foils and food wraps then a food-wrap divider can relieve you from this mess. Ask your cabinet designer to install a food wrap divider in the kitchen drawer.

A step stool – a step stool is a great help when you need to access the upper cabinets. Be smart by selecting a foldable ultra thin step stool which can be fitted in the drawer. If you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling the existing one don’t forget to ask the designer to make this arrangement for you.

A food station for pets – this is going to make the faces of pet lovers glow with a thousand watts. This built-in food station for pets can be arranged at the end of the cabinet with drawers for the treats, medicines and leashes above each bowl.

All these are customized designs and they can’t be available at stores ready and they can take the designing cost a bit up. Before committing to these amenities take your budget into consideration.

We have been optimizing kitchens and homes and commercial spaces with an expertise of 10+ years at competitive prices. With a blend of science with artistry we can turn your dreams into designs.