InteriorWardrobe lighting

January 27, 2016by ids

A closet or wardrobe is more like a room for clothes and accessories and lighting for this room is as necessary as it is for any other room. Having proper light inside the wardrobe makes it a user friendly. Good light can differentiate the colors and make your selection easy.

The size and depth of the wardrobe determines the type of lights to be installed. Apart from this the design and frequency of use also influences the lighting arrangement. If it is a walk-in-wardrobe you have a great chance to enhance your creativity in lighting it up.

For closet lighting we have four possible options

Outside and on the wardrobe (Task Lights)
Inside and under-cabinet (LED Strips, pucks)
Inside and on the sides of the shelves (LED Strips, pucks)
Installing lights on the ceiling (Chandelier, recessed can lights, pendant lights)

If the closet is big and is a walkable design, then a chandelier is ideal for that or else you can install 3 – 4 pendants to give a splendid look to your closet. Apart from that recessed lights in 2 – 3 rows can do well.

For a better and natural light consider the Sky-light option with caution. If planned perfectly the sky-light option can give you the natural light inside your wardrobe. You can approach our experts at Interior Designs Studio regarding sky-light option.

Whatever light you use ensure that the focus of the light falls between you and the object (the clothes) so that no shadows can disturb your view of colors and selection.

Task lights can be installed on the top of the wardrobe in such a way their focus falls on the contents. For under-cabinet lighting or for the lighting inside the wardrobe we can use pucks and LED Strips which can serve both decorating and functional purposes.

As under-cabinet lighting we can also use the strips and pucks on either side of the cabinet panels to illuminate the inner space of the wardrobe.

There are battery-powered LED pucks which can be adhered to the wardrobe panels with the help of suction pads behind them. There will be a small button on the surface of the light to On/Off.

You can also opt for semi-automatic motion sensor switches which can be activated by waving your hand from the distance of 5 – 6cms to On/Off.

Of late smart-switches are gaining popularity which can be operated through a motion sensor which makes the On/Off easy and saves energy.

So much has changed in the lighting technology and is changing constantly and rapidly. Our article might have missed some points but our showrooms are getting updated with every possible latest trend to serve your needs. When reading is not enough, then a visit to our Interior Designs Studio is a must. Make time and you are Welcome!!!