InteriorLights for ambiance in bedroom

November 27, 2015by ids

Gone are the days where people don’t think much about decorating bedrooms. Now are the days of interior designing and people wants to invest their money in decorating their bedrooms to be more comfortable and visually more beautiful.

There is no exact measurement for lighting in bedroom. Too much light can disturb your sleep and not much light can be a trouble doing other activities. So the range of light could be from basic to bold.

Size the room wisely

The planning for lights in any room should start from measuring the size of the room. Measure the room’s length and width multiply both and multiply the product of L & W with 1.5 and the resultant is the required wattage.

Distribute this wattage among different light fixtures like pendants, tasks, accents and wall sconces to get the required ambiance.

A lower ceiling bedroom can benefit from recessed lights while a higher ceiling bedroom may need pendant lights that hang through a metal wire or rod.

Locate the reserved areas

The reserved places for reading, writing, sewing or computers are the task light areas. Locate these areas in your bedroom and place the task lights according to that.

The focal point

The place of bed is the focal point for the lighting arrangement. Arranging a big fat light above the bed area is not acceptable, instead consider the area around your bed and center the ceiling fixture over that area.

Side lamps

Don’t forget to arrange bedside lamps on both sides for pleasure reading and doing other activities without disturbing your partner. They look beautiful on either side.


The main light and ambient light switches should be at the entrance of the room while task light switches placed closer to the work areas. Of late there are remote control switches are available in the market. Check whether they apply.


Don’t forget “where there is a light there should be a dimmer to create a shade for every mood”.

We at Interior Designs Studio have everything in store for our customers so they can find any lighting fixture with us to fill the brightness in their rooms and houses.