FurnitureAccent rug

November 10, 2015by ids

An accent rug is a wonderful way to spice up any floor. Not only can it add warmth to a cold wood or tiled floor, it can add character to a carpeted area as well. An accent rug is many things, but it should never be boring!

There are endless options for your accent rug. You can choose the rich warm tones of an oriental rug, or decide upon the earth tones of a bamboo rug instead. The size of your rug will invariably be decided based upon how much area you need and want to cover. Accent rugs are just that – accents. They don’t act as your primary means of flooring. Sometimes they aren’t floor coverings at all, but act as wall coverings instead!

Browse through catalogs or take a look around a friend’s home you admire to find ideas for your own accent rug. Look through your home to find the tones and colors you would like to bring out using an accent rug. Whatever you decide, it should be reflection of you and it should tell people a little bit about what you are and what you like.