FurnitureBlack kitchen cabinets

August 4, 2015by ids

Do you want to have an astonishing looks for your kitchen cabinet? Try to repainting them to the color of your choice! You can use black color on your kitchen cabinet to create a futuristic look!

But before you do something, they are some preparation to do. If the old paint or wood finish is glossy and smooth you should do some mild sanding techniques. After sanding, clean the cabinet surface with water and soap. The surface should be rough so that the new paint will easily stick to it. After the process of drying, you should apply some painting tape to walls and other surfaces, counter tops and to the edges of the cabinets. It will prevent from getting into places where you don’t want it to go.

And at the next step, brush on the bonding primer a single brush. I recommend you to apply two coats of primer. And give at least four hours for the primer to dry.

You can start the painting job after the primer has dried on both sides of the kitchen cabinet doors. The technique of painting to use is the easy and steady strokes. Two to three coats of paint can be applied with four hours drying time in between.

If your kitchen is large and if you have lots of windows, black cabinets should match perfectly and will not darken your kitchen at all. You can enhance the effect if counter tops and appliances are a lighter color and your floors are a light colored oak. Lot of specialty finishes in black for maple cabinets can be found in cabinet manufacturers.

And if you don’t want to go to the cabinet manufacturers’ workshop, they are some websites where you can design your cabinets online to see what they will look like before you decide to repaint your kitchen cabinets.