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Wardrobe is the second long term investment you’ll have almost for 10-12 years in your bedroom, if maintained

with care they can serve you beyond that. Choosing the right wardrobe model can save you room space and also helps in organizing your possessions and makes them sort out easily and accessible.

So, prior to bringing your new wardrobe home, take measurements of your bedroom not approximately but exactly to the closest millimeter to ensure the new furniture comes in easily and sets well in the space provided. So, let’s have a questionnaire on wardrobe selection.

On what basis can I choose a wardrobe?

There are several factors to consider but we suggest 3-guiding factors – Room size, personal style and storage needs to choose your wardrobe. There are different styles and options to choose from. So, check as many models and finishes as possible prior to conclude.

What are the styles available?

There are basically 2 – styles – Freestanding and fully fitted wardrobes.

What are freestanding wardrobes?

Freestanding wardrobes are the widely accepted models. There is no need to attach these to a wall and can be relocated easily from one room to another or even from one home to another. There are 3 types in Free-standing wardrobes

Flat-pack wardrobes come in a bundled or packed in parts to be assembled on your own by making use of the product manual. You are free to choose shelving options and the finish you like. Though these are economical, not so strong if you want it to be a storage area for precious items. But are easy to relocate from one place to another. If you are person who relocates often on job purposes these are good to go.

Pre-assembled wardrobes as the name sounds they are assembled at the factory and delivered when ordered in ready to use format. In these models you have very few chances to make them fit your needs. These models are hard to find in modern stores because of their high-budget and transportation problems. But still there are patrons for these antique styled wardrobes and if you are one of them visit our gallery of designs “Interior Designs Studio”. We bet you’ll find the one.
Knock-down wardrobes are the major advancement in wardrobe designing. In short, these are the hybrids of Flat-pack wardrobes and Pre-assembled wardrobes. These too come in package but the doors and back panel already joined together. All you need is to install the top panel, side panels and shelving units. Because of the use of bolts and screws to join the panels these are strong, durable and can easily be disassembled and packed to move. These are a bit expensive than the Flat-packed wardrobes.

What are Fully- Fitted wardrobes?

Fully fitted wardrobes can particularly be constructed to make use of the space in uneven walls or odd angles of the walls. These are fabulously adaptable in terms of using the free space. The only drawback of these wardrobes is the price. It is expensive when compared to freestanding wardrobes.

What to choose between freestanding and fully fitted wardrobes?

Well, this depends on several factors. If you are a person who often shifts from one place to other or if you are living in a rented house then freestanding wardrobes are best for you. If you own a house and you don’t need to leave your home often then fitted wardrobes suits you good, they convert maximum space on the wall to be usable. Fitted wardrobes are good for couples sharing a bedroom and freestanding wardrobes are good for singles. Fitted wardrobes are very expensive than freestanding wardrobes.

What is the right size?

There are different sizes and configurations you should look in when purchasing a wardrobe. Choose a place for the wardrobe in your bedroom and take accurate measurements of length and width of that place and see that there are no windows and doors in that area and plan according to those measurements. See that the wardrobe is not too big or too small to your bedroom.

What are the wardrobe materials?

This is the very important aspect you should know about wardrobes. Wood is the popular material in the manufacturing of wardrobes. The other options are White Melamine, Raw MDF, Mirror glass, Colored glass, Solid wood, wood veneer, Colored laminate melamine board and Polyurethane.

Interior Designs Studio offer different types of wardrobes made of metal, wood and the materials of your choice in traditional and contemporary styles.

With our tremendous buying power of quality-raw materials we can manufacture wardrobes and design all its models with extra internal storage spaces with organizers than any other brands in the market. With us you have wide range of wardrobes with distinguished models like single door, double doors and sliding door wardrobes.

Before shopping at stores in the market browse through our online store  for various designs and models to have a better idea. This way you can find a new wardrobe for your bedroom in the shortest period of time from the comfort of your home.