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June 27, 2015by ids

Of late the interior designers are introducing concepts which are not only innovative but also user friendly that the users cannot restrict themselves from adapting them. Modular kitchens are one of those concepts which accumulated wide admiration from the house owners. The arrival of modular kitchens has changed the definition of WHAT IS A KITCHEN.

Modular kitchens made the cooking a fun than a burden. It also defines the style of yours with a touch of glamour and décor. We at Interior Designs Studio designed various models in variety of colors and finishes which makes your selection a bit difficult because our designs compete with each other.

In this world of modular kitchens the size of the room or the space available does not matter. If the room is small then installing modular kitchen makes it big with its well planned and flawless design and if the room is big then it doubles the space for extra additions and movability by installing modular kitchen in it.

There are some common appliances in every modular kitchen. Just like the chimney, cabinets and shelves, sinks and faucets, shutters and baskets. If you are not worrying about the budget then you can add the extra accessories like the dishwasher, ovens and exhaust hoods to maintain healthy atmosphere and enjoy a bit more comfort.

Talking about advantages they are numerous. Just a few EASY TO MAINTAIN, FREE FROM CLUTTER, TIME SAVING, CHOICE OF COLORS AND TEXTURES AS PER YOUR WISH, AVAILABLE IN READY TO INSTALL  FORM, PORTABILITY TO MOVE FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER especially if you are in rented house or your job demands you to relocate yourself.

Though they are expensive the comfort and convenience they provide makes you ignore the price. But still you have different price options at Interior Designs Studio to choose from as Interior Designs Studio has massive resources of raw materials and tremendous buying power. So our customers can make better use of these capabilities of Interior Designs Studio.

Modular kitchens not only increase the functionality but also increase the storage capacity with the help of cabinets and drawers. In conventional kitchens you cannot make use of the wall space but in modular kitchens you can efficiently utilize the free wall space by extending the height of the cabinets and shelves to store more and are easily accessible with the help of a step stools or a utility ladder.

To benefit from modular kitchens you can follow some tips like putting the heavy items and less used items at the bottom shelves and frequently using items on the top shelf cabinets so that you do not need to bend always and can access them freely from the upper cabinets.

You can use transparent jars to store spices and salts as they are visible and you have no need to search for the item required, to top it up stick labels on the jars with the name of the contents and arrange them in an alphabetical order.

You can remodel your existing kitchen partly or completely depending on your budget. Partial remodel includes installing countertops, cabinets and appliances. Complete remodeling includes flooring to ceiling along with installing appliances, cabinets and countertops with sinks and faucets.

Remodeling the kitchen or any other room is not an easy job and one cannot perfect it without the help of a professional designer even if it is a DO IT YOURSELF project. So always find a professional before you jump into the project. If you think Interior Designs Studio can help you with your project then our team of professionals is ready to perfect it.

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Thanks for your time and have a happy and healthy kitchen.