InteriorModular kitchen backsplash: an armor for unwanted spills

June 27, 2015by ids

Backsplash – A vertical protective layer to a modular kitchen counter which shields the wall from unexpected spills and splashes of oil or water.

It’s like adding a feather to the crown of your modular kitchen. Choosing it right can add a splendid look to your modular kitchen.

With a huge range of backsplash materials and colors available out there Interior Designs Studio with its expertise will help you find the right one to suit your style and to meet your budget.

Types of Backsplash materials

Laser-cut tiles – cut with lasers to get sophisticated designs. These are very much like puzzled blocks which can be put together. These tiles are made of precious materials like quartz and marble or handmade gold or silver backed glass so these are very expensive.

Mirror tiles – mirrored backsplash with texture can be achieved by arranging mirrored tiles into a needed design. The eye candy appearance and affordability makes the mirror backsplash a beautiful choice for your kitchen.

Diagonal tiles – these are the normal tiles arranged diagonally to get a spin. This layout can take 10 % more tiles than ordinary layout and the hired professional may up his price a bit as this layout need more cuttings at the top and bottom involves more work so, consider this point if you are tight on budget.

Patterned tiles – large and bold patterns are the current trend. Over scaled pattern are available that can be customized to your needs. It is very important to have a well-planned layout for your wall space when you choose these large patterned tiles for your backsplash.

Subway tiles – these tiles are widely used in subways throughout the world and hence the name. Subway tiles are enjoying a big patronage to date. These are timeless and ever trending classic tiles that can add a sophisticated look when added up to ceiling.

Herringbone tiles – you can add a textured look to your kitchen by installing Herringbone tiles. These are available with a mesh backing material that holds several tiles together and these can reduce the installation time as you don’t need to set each and every piece.

Tin – you can use tin tiles to give a vintage look to your kitchen and metal sheets are your preference. Tin tiles are the option if you want the tiles which are durable, beautiful and affordable.

Specialty – shaped tiles – with Interior Designs Studio you don’t need to limit yourself to a standard shaped tiles, for example, squares and rectangles. You are welcome to choose the unique shapes and colors displayed at our showroom.

Ceramic tiles – these are mainly available in two varieties – Porcelain and Vitreous tiles. The aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean characteristic makes them a perfect choice for backsplash. When you choose ceramic tiles choose the ones which can bear with water.

Porcelain tiles are the preferred choice for most of the house owners as they can stand out in heavy work areas. They are stain and moist resistant. The color of the tile is not limited to the upper surface but it is throughout the tile, which means if a scratch or chip happened to the tile is not visible so easily.

Vitreous tiles are known for their frost resistant quality. These tiles’ moist-absorbing rate is very low which makes it an ideal choice for the kitchen backsplashes. These are also available in sheets and considerably reduce the installation time.

Natural stone tiles – these are known for their beauty and durability. There are different types of natural stones which can be considered for their own attributes and appearances. Granite, marble, slate and travertine are the few to name.

Recycled tiles – these can be produced by salvaged or recycled content. These can add a unique appearance to your kitchen without weighing hard on environment. These are the proof that you don’t need to sacrifice the beauty being kind to environment.

Custom mosaic tiles – if you don’t want to compromise on your dream design then the custom mosaic tiles are there for you. These tiles cut into required shape with needed color and arranged to form the ordered design. We have predesigned mosaic tiles you can choose and take home and install or we have designers who can bring your dream design into shape.

Interior Designs Studio has variety of tiles to cater the needs of its customers. For tiles and metal sheets and for any interior designing purpose whether it is residential or commercial Interior Designs Studio is the one stop solution for all.