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June 27, 2015by ids

With the development in technology the television sets are transforming themselves into more smarter and slimmer. Though there are

a lot of advancements in computers and mobile technology they couldn’t take up the place of a television and in converse the TV is adapting both the qualities of computers and internet technology to secure its place in our living room forever. There is no wonder if you plan separate furniture for this smart machine (it’s no more an idiot box or soap box!!!).

Depending on the dimensions and weight of the TV there are varieties of TV stands available in our Interior Designs Studio showroom. Choosing the best TV stand can keep your TV safe and secure. Whatever model you select, it should accommodate your TV perfectly. While shopping your choice should include the material, color and the design. Also mind the future requirements of your TV like adding a home theater, DVD player or upgrading TV from small-to-big or big to bigger etc.

What type of TV stand should I purchase?

It depends on the type of TV you have. Nowadays we are having almost all Flat screens and slim designs in the markets. If you own one like that then you should choose the wider TV stand to support your TV. LED / LCD /Plasma/DLP TVs fall in this category.

If you still own a Cathode Ray Tube model then you should go for a wider and deeper TV stand to support this. The TV stand should also be very strong because these models are heavier regardless of their sizes and need a strong base to sit properly.

TV stand and TV size:

The size of the TV can be a major issue while choosing a TV stand.  How it would be when you bought a TV cabinet and your TV doesn’t sit on it properly due to its size? That’s why it is important to measure your TV size before shopping. Your TV should comfortably sit on the TV stand without extending its width and depth past the edges of the TV stand. It should also leave even spaces around its perimeter on the top of the TV stand keeping itself centered. The more your TV centered on the TV stand the more it is safer.

Different designs of TV stands:

The design of the TV stands you choose should not only compatible with your TV but also with your room dimensions. We offer different types of TV stand designs. Check them.

TV Armories:

The TV Armories very much resembles to wardrobes and they too offer storage space not only for DVDs and players but also for other items like books and vases. This design allows you to conceal a TV with two opening and closing racks. This design fits well in bedrooms and living rooms. TV armories usually come with different drawers on either side of the TV set for storage purposes.

TV cabinets:

There are 3-types of TV cabinets – Stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets and custom cabinets.

Stock cabinets are predesigned in bulk and mostly kept in stock and ready to deliver when ordered. These are affordable too. As the pre-made designs these offer limited options.

Semi-custom cabinets are the models constructed from the existing design with slight modifications suggested by the customer.

Custom cabinets are the products designed exactly how the customer wants to be. In these models the customer is free to select the material and color of his choice. These are very expensive and have long lasting life.

Corner TV stands:

Corner TV stands are the best choice when there is shortage of floor area, especially in apartments and small houses. These are the smartest way to get the maximum usability of the floor area even in big houses.

Swivel TV stands:

The viewer is much free in adjusting the viewing angle of the television from the viewer’s end with no effort to rotate the whole TV stand otherwise needs more effort in other TV-stands.

All TV stands mostly made of the materials – glass, wood and metal. You can choose any material that complements your furniture in the room where you want to keep your TV. For all kinds of TV stands and Wall mounting units you can visit our showroom Interior Designs Studio to get the products at factory price.