FurnitureCabinet door and drawer for an excellent modular kitchen

June 27, 2015by ids

For more personalized functionality you can pick a pocket type doors or flip for hydraulic doors.

When you have your kitchen renovated then why let the cabinet doors and drawers to be the old style? With our functional yet stunning cabinetry utilize the every bit of the kitchen space to make it extra functional and well organized.

Here is a glimpse of our functional cabinet doors and drawers…

Corner drawers – as the name sounds they are arranged at the corners of the cabinet and are fully accessible or stretchable  means you don’t need to bend or don’t need to crawl your hands into it to get the required thing.

These aren’t readily available with every manufacturer but Interior Designs Studio like to have them always in store for better service.

Track doors – These cabinet doors slide from side to side on a track of ball-bearings. You have to slide one door on another to access the contents.

The downside is that you cannot open every door at the same time as it is possible in conventional side hinged doors.

If you are a patron of traditional side hinged doors then track doors not a good choice for you. If you like the way the track doors serve then choose the oil-rubbed bronze finish for warmer tint.

Pocket doors – these are also sliding doors like Track doors, but little difference is that these slides into the pocket like adjacent compartments and disappears. These are best fit for the kitchen cabinetry to hide the heavy traffic areas in your kitchen.

Sliding doors – these doors slide horizontally to the right and to the left to open up the storage space. The specialty hinges applied at three levels – top, middle and bottom can make the doors slide smoothly and are easy to open and close.

Tambour doors – we usually know them as shutters. These are perfect choice for storing frequently used items in the kitchen. This door works on the mechanism of rolling in and out. Horizontal strips of wood arranged to be side by side on a fabric backing to make a tambour door.

Glass-front drawers – we have seen glass-front cabinets the same can be applied to the drawers. These look beaut and keep you well organized being transparent. These glass-front drawers have a gap of 2 – 3 inches behind the glass to keep dry food items.

These models can have a great impact on your budget. Talk to your pro or designer prior to commit so that you can keep the price flow in your control.

Interior Designs Studio always strives for the new and trendy designs and want to serve the needs of home owners’ at all possible ways.