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June 27, 2015by ids

Have you ever worried about the strangled cables around your TV and the media components and accessories laid unorganized? For those of you who are curious about finding a solution Interior Designs Studio got it solved.

Built-in media wall units are trending now in the home decoration markets. These are admired for their cable and media management. A built-in media wall makes your home more attractive and sets itself as a focal point of the room.

With media wall unit you can organize the clutter of the cables which spirals all around the TV unit and it’s more than a media wall unit when paired with bookshelves. This way you can also showcase your mementos and books.

Guidelines to design a Built-in Media Wall

Experts recommend dividing the wall unit into a Base and Upper cabinet so as to break the overall weight and to accommodate different depths of storage. You can have the base with drawers and doors installed to mask the electronics and accessories.

The recommended height for a base is 36 inches and the depth should be between 20 – 24 inches. These dimensions are ideal for placing electronics and game consoles. The base unit always comes forward to provide usable surface.

The electronic components always need a vent to lose some heat. In such cases you can install grills or speaker mesh or add toe-ductor for ventilation. Of late, the fans are widely available in the market which is controlled by a thermostat, it gets on when the components starts heating.

Usually the upper cabinet shelves have the depth of 12 inches, but having an inch or two more than the usual depth supports the books very well. Use plywood for shelves to avoid sagging and keep the distance between the shelves at 36 inches.

Your built-in wall unit looks best if its design tunes with the decoration and design of the home. A professional designer will study the home decoration and runs matching base and crown molding across the front of the wall unit.

For every renovation project it’s better to take the help of a professional designer, unless you are an expert in interior decoration. The professional can better understand from aesthetics to issues of proper ventilation, wiring and lighting and more over as this is a media wall unit he/she can arrange the best acoustics for sound quality.

So we suggest you to find an expert for this built-in project or if you think we are close to you then use our expertise by calling us today.

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You can order custom made cabinets from our showroom or you can bring your own design to us so that we can bring it live from paper to reality.

The cost of the project depends on the size, materials and design, the location where you live also decides the budget. So, we recommend you to call us with your project details to get it estimated for free and help you start ASAP.