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June 26, 2015by ids

Kitchen cabinets are very expensive and can consume half of the budget set for remodeling project easily. For those of you who want to get some savings on their renovation project READY TO ASSEMBLE cabinets are good alternatives.

Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets also belong to the family of modular kitchen cabinets which are available in standard sizes just the same as the traditional kitchen cabinets. The biggest plus in RTA cabinets is that they are less expensive and easy to transport.

There is only one difference between traditional cabinets and RTA cabinets, RTA cabinets are made of mostly plywood and traditional cabinets are mostly made of fiberboard or particleboard. There are other materials also to choose from.

RTA cabinets are competing with the traditional cabinets in all possibilities like they have good quality of material and state of the art hardware components and available in multitude of colors and patterns.

RTA cabinets reach you in packed condition and that minimizes the space consumption during transport and this reduces the shipping charges considerably. That means more savings more satisfaction.

If you have decided to go for RTA cabinets then Interior Designs Studio has some tips which can educate you on your shopping.

It is always a good practice to visit your local stores and see as many models as possible.

On your visit to local stores ask the representative about the materials and prices of the RTA cabinets.

Do not hesitate to ask the sales person about the details you need to estimate your price.

Learn their policy of shipping and other services like guarantee and after sales support, installation charges etc.

You can also browse online shops for better understanding of the market.

Prior to all these visits have a good idea of the dimensions of your kitchen layout. Always measure the dimensions twice to get accuracy.

Keep the work triangle (Refrigerator, cook top and sink) of your kitchen in mind and plan in such way that after any new installation your movement inside the work triangle should be free.

Never keep two big appliances side by side for that they make your kitchen congested and difficult to work in.

See that your new ready to assemble cabinets have sufficient number of drawers so that you can store your mixing bowls and crockery items comfortably

Tips for installing the cabinets

Installing base cabinets it is always advised to start from the corner

Connect the adjoining units by screwing the side frames together and also screw the cabinets to the wall using the holes provided at the back.

You can use the filler strips or shims to fill any gaps in between the cabinets

Shims are a thin and often pointed or wedged piece of materials, used to fill small gaps or spaces between objects.

Installing wall cabinets is a bit hard and is a two person job.

You should group the wall cabinet units on the floor and lift them into the position and screw them to the wall at an exact level.

Mark the cabinet position on the wall with the help of a laser level or mercury level prior to lift the cabinets into position

When everything is ready to go into position lift the cabinet taking help of your friend or assistant

The crucial thing in all this process is how exactly the measurements taken. So be very careful with your markings and measures and always double check them.

As this is a two person job always make sure the other person than you is a professional so that he can give you accuracy and guidelines to make your project smooth and soft. If you are a professional then no problem the other person can be anyone to help you out.

Visit Interior Designs Studio showroom to engage yourself with our wide range of cabinet collection and see the work from closer view. Our executives can assist you to know things clearly and start the project ASAP.

Thanks and Happy installation …

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