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June 26, 2015by ids

All are saying Modular Kitchens and all are talking about Modular Kitchens and you already learnt what modular kitchens are. But do you have any idea about the essentials you need to have in your Modular Kitchens? Read on …

Modular kitchen has transformed interior decoration in whichever home it installed. The Modular kitchens are generally designed in numerous colors like reddish, lemon, pink, green and gold as well normal shades like cedar and birch. Cabinets are designed in line with the size, length and breadth belonging to the kitchen.

Designs of Modular Kitchens at Interior Designs Studio

Modular kitchen designs with straight lines are in trend.

The cabinets made of Dark wood and of bright vibrant colors are usually in demand. The cabinets are user friendly as well eco friendly.

These kitchens have eye-catching shapes.

Modular kitchen cabinets come in variety of doors, shelves and hardware

The cabinets with glass doors are more elegant than wooden doors.

Essential accessories of Modular Kitchen


Dishwashers vary in sizes based on the place setting and capacity of the dishwasher. You can choose different wash and rinse cycle styles as per your needs.

Sinks and faucets

Sinks are the main objects of every kitchen and when they are equipped with a right faucet you just cannot restrict yourself from saying wow. There are variety of sinks and faucets available at Interior Designs Studio showrooms to choose from.


A chimney is helpful in radiating the smoke and other gases from your kitchen. There is a vast range of auto clean chimneys which is widely appreciated in Indian market.


Talking about ovens you could buy variants like Convection Ovens, Slow Cookers and Microwaves. These things could make your days less complicated

Pull out drawers

Pull out drawers are so convenient to access the items without any trouble. These are used to store multiple items like groceries, utensils etc. These are really easy to maintain as they pulled out completely when it is time to clean.

Cooking Range

Cook tops offer you much more placement flexibility, and you can customize them to fit your cooking needs. To know what cook top is right for you, think about how you would like it to function as well as the type of heat you prefer to work with.


Shutters are in demand and they allow you to easily place kitchen crockery in them. They may be durable, reliable and therefore are all too easy to install and look after.

Adjustable Shelves

As it sounds the drawers in these shelves are adjustable according to your needs and are very easy to handle.

Features of Modular Kitchen

The first and foremost thing we should talk about modular kitchens is the portability. That means you can take your kitchen along with you when you have relocate yourself.

It is possible to clean and even you can actually repair any part of modular kitchen.

Your kitchen provides clutter-free space to enjoy your cuisine skills.

Modular kitchen will come in such a multitude of colors and designs that you will surely get one according to your taste. It offers you the freedom to set your kitchen area according on your wish.

Modular kitchens are available in a ready-to-install pre-fabricated form making its installation exceptionally convenient.

All these essentials and designs with different features are available in abundance at Interior Designs Studio showrooms just visit them and choose what you want.

Interior Designs Studio has won recognition and has a reputation for its perfectionist designs in Modular Kitchens and other Interior designing projects.

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