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June 26, 2015by ids

Kitchen cabinetry is the most important and must have storage piece in every kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are what make the kitchen look clean, tidy and well organized. They bring new life to old and inefficient kitchens to make them functional in an easy way. Of late various materials with different finishes are available in the market to give the customer a wide choice so, get smart about your choices. Let’s see what to consider before jumping in.

How many types of cabinets?

Three types, stock, semi-custom and custom-made cabinets.

Stock model: These predesigned models come with limited options and materials. Good quality and low price made this model to rule the market. These models are usually kept in stock and can be delivered within a few days from the order.

Semi-custom model: These are partly stock and partly custom with wide range of options than stock cabinets. These are expensive compared to stock models and has wide selection of doors and finishes.

Custom-made: These are the models that take shape according to your wish. Though they are very expensive they worth it as they maximize your space in terms of efficiency and design.

Which cabinet material to choose?

There are three guiding factors – appearance, price and quality will play a great roll when getting the right one. Let’s see what options we have.


Laminate cabinets made by layering resin-saturated materials are the least expensive and are available in almost in any color. Again in this there are two types: High-pressure laminates and Low pressure laminates. High-pressure laminates are durable when compared to low pressure laminates.


Wooden cabinets can give an aesthetic look and are also durable. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes. These cabinets come into mid-range budget. Higher humidity levels and extreme temperatures can make them expand and contract.


Metal cabinets are easy to maintain and are a bit expensive than other materials. Stainless steel is used in manufacturing these cabinets. It is not so hard to clean the fingerprints but the scratches can’t be repaired easily. These are highly durable when compared to wood and laminates.


Glass is an elegant and beautiful material which adds more life to your kitchen cabinets. Being a transparent material it opens up everything and makes the room appear larger and full of life. You need to be more creative to arrange the dishes worth displaying.

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