FurnitureInterior designs studio wants modular kitchen in every home

June 16, 2015by ids

Nei8ht has been in interior designing and modular kitchen for 10+ years with 100+ successful installations and hundreds of satisfied customers and is growing continuously. It is our passion and strong desire to see every home with a modular kitchen in the coming years and we are moving forward to it.

With the advent of modular kitchens the kitchens are not any more the sweat rooms where you toil for your loving family. Kitchens have become open spaces for comfort and convenience and made cooking a blissful task with the touch of little entertainment and social gatherings.

Kitchens also became a top priority for the house owners and they are spending or I might say investing for a long term as equal to bedrooms and living rooms. Some of you might just want to change the tiles, countertops or cabinets and some of you want everything changed and renovated, whatever the reason maybe the aim is comfort, convenience and savings on both energy and money.

Modular kitchens are generally known for their space management that allows you to store and access kitchen items with no hard effort.  Modular kitchens are now available in pre made, ready to assemble versions.

Nei8ht has been providing innovative modular kitchen designs for the increasing demands and decreasing spaces since its initiation. With Nei8ht it is easy to get your dream kitchen in real. If Nei8ht is your preferred choice, then half of the work is done.

With Nei8ht you can choose a very wide range of options depending on the number of cabinets, storage space, and appliances you require in your kitchen. Our modular kitchen designs give you the advantage of adding on more units thus giving you more space.

In general modular kitchen consists of drawers, cabinets, a wash basin, cooking range, and kitchen appliances like a microwave, dishwasher etc. You are free to pick whatever you need so as to make it personalized to your needs.

Modular kitchens are not difficult to find, but finding the right one that is tailored to suit your needs is difficult. You can overcome this by discussing your needs with our experts. Our experts are available 24×7 to assist you in your design.

While you can check our portfolio online, it would be a good idea, to actually visit one of our showrooms so you can take a look at the designs, and also the sort of materials used, functionality and a hands-on experience, before you finalize your selection.

Nei8ht offering full assistance with installation and a good after sales support also. So you do not need to worry about anything. Just pick a store of Nei8ht and let our team visit you to help you better understand what Nei8ht have in store to offer, and how feasible that will be with the space and budget requirements that you have.

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